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The Work From Home Show

Nov 27, 2020

Covid-19 has changed the landscape of American real estate, at least for the time being. But how will real estate in general, and real estate investing, be impacted as we move further away from the pandemic?

Adam and Naresh are joined by Tom Lewis, founder of Trammell Crow Homes and T.W. Lewis Company and 1st inductee...

Nov 25, 2020

Being a landlord can be a daunting task. Being a landlord of a property halfway across the country can seem like an even bigger hurdle.

Adam and Naresh take today to explain how it can be done (and done profitably), and what steps you need to take to start seeing that elusive "mailbox money" come in. Get enough of it...

Nov 24, 2020

You've finally started your what?

How do you start making money with your podcast?

Kerry Lutz rejoins Adam and Naresh to discuss the various ways you can use your podcast to start making money.

Kerry is the host of the Financial Survival Network and author of VIRAL PODCASTING: How To Earn A 6 Figure Income...

Nov 21, 2020

The idea of starting a podcast can seem daunting. So many options that can add up to so much money, how do you do it right???

Well, Naresh is the best selling author of Podcastnomics: The Book of Podcasting to Make You Millions, and Adam has been producing podcasts for over 10 years, so they're here to help.

The two go...

Nov 19, 2020

The days of needing to own a radio station to get your message out to the world is long gone. You can start a podcast and reach the people you (and your company) want to reach more effectively and for a LOT less money.

Kerry Lutz joins Adam and Naresh to discuss the creation of his Financial Survival Network, how to...