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The Work From Home Show

Jun 23, 2021

Creating a business and growing it into a success is hard enough. But to then give that up and pursue your passion to write? That takes guts and determination. To then become a New York Times best selling author? Well, that's what Robert Beatty did.

Robert joins Adam and Naresh to discuss his journey from entrepreneur to best selling author living near the mountains, as well as how he manages his writing from home with his family life.

Robert is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Serafina and Willa series published by Disney Hyperion. Robert writes full-time now, but in his past lives, Robert was one of the early pioneers of cloud computing, the founder/CEO of Plex Systems, the co-founder of Beatty Robotics, and the chairman/CTO of Narrative Magazine. In 2007, he was named an Entrepreneur of the Year.


Featured Photo by Ben White on Unsplash