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The Work From Home Show

May 13, 2024

Nick Searcy is best known for portraying Chief Deputy United States Marshal Art Mullen on FX's Justified. He also had a major role in the Tom Hanks-produced miniseries From the Earth to the Moon as Deke Slayton. He is the Director of GOSNELL: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer, producer/star of the documentary Capitol Punishment and The War on Truth, and author of the new book JUSTIFY THIS: A Career without Compromise. He will be starring in the upcoming film REAGAN.

- What challenges are faced by conservative voices in the entertainment industry?
- “I’ve played serial killers, rapists, racists, Klansmen, sexual harassers, thieves—I mean, let’s face it. I’ve played a LOT of Democrats.”
- What really happened on January 6th?