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The Work From Home Show

Aug 12, 2022

Customer service is more of a curse word than a service for clients in today's day and age. But it doesn't have to be.

Mitche Graf joins Adam Schroeder and Naresh Vissa to discuss where companies have gone wrong and how entrepreneurs can deliver "6-Star" service to their clients to stand out in the marketplace.


Aug 7, 2022

What makes a good person?

This is one of the questions that Adam Schroeder and Naresh Vissa try to answer today with Dr. Dilip Jeste.

Dr. Jeste has spent his recent time exploring whether there's a relationship between wisdom and loneliness, what wisdom actually means, and what it is about the core of people that makes...

Jul 30, 2022

One of the largest social media platforms out there is LinkedIn, yet few people talk about it.

Adam Schroeder and Naresh Vissa talk with LinkedIn expert Donna Serdula, Founder & President at Vision Board Media and LinkedIn Makeover and bestselling author of LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies, about how ordinary...

Jul 24, 2022

Your mindset affects everything about your life. What we tell ourselves is more powerful than many people ever realize.

Adam Schroeder and Naresh Vissa talk with Randy Gage,host of the Power Prosperity podcast, about how people can get themselves in the right mindset to become their most successful self in business and...

Jul 19, 2022

While have a medical diagnose of ADHD might seem like a reason to think you can't focus or are at a disadvantage, it might actually be a GOOD thing.

Adam Schroeder and Naresh Vissa are joined by John Torrens to discuss how you can turn your ADHD tendencies into something positive...your "entrepreneur's superpower" if...